Annual General meeting of the RCPTA – 2014

The 20th Annual general meeting of the Royal College Past Teachers’ Association was held on Saturday the 29th of November 2014 at “The Sovereign Corporate Hotel” , 100C, Road to capital city, Rajagiriya.
RCPTA AGM successfully commenced with the participation of past principals of Royal College Mr. B. Sooriarachchi, Mr. S.H.Kumarasinghe and thePresent Principal Mr. UpaliGunasekera. Out of 314 membershipsmore than 145 members were present the meeting.
After lightning of the traditional oil lamp the present president of the RCPTA Mrs. S.N. Amarasekera delivered the welcome speech.
The meeting started after two minute silence to commemorate all the members who has passed away, and the Hon. General Secretaryof RCPTA year 2014Mrs. M. Munasinghe and Hon. Treasurer of RCPTA year 2014 Mrs. R. Dharmawardena presented their annual reports about the year 2014 to the memberships.
Preceding the AGM Twentieth Celebrations of the Association was celebrated with the cutting of a cake and 20 year progress of the association was presentedto the audience by a video presentation. It was very clearly reflected that how the association did welfare activities to the members and other different type of social activities. At this function 13 mementoes were given to the 13 members who initiated the Association in 1994.
Representatives from the old Royalist Groups of ’82,’83,’86,’87,’89,’91,’92,’95 were invited for these functions and we greatly appreciate their presence. At the end of the meeting all were invited for lunch with soft background music.