Royal College Group of 96 “Garlands of Gratitude”

Past teachers of Royal College were invited by the students of Royal College who left the college in 1996 for a felicitation ceremony named “Garlands of Gratitude” held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on the 12th December 2015 at 6.30 p.m.

After 19 years leaving school they felicitated their teachers who guided them to their destinations in life. It was a memorable event for the teachers as well as students who met each other after about 19 years. There were about 160 plus teachers attending this event which we think might be the highest for a felicitation event. Organisers have given thought to every aspect of the organisation in detail. They have given thought to the travelling of the teachers to and from the SLFI and it would have been a reason for a large number of teachers participating. The setting of the venue was very attractive.

A fair amount of valuable gifts were given away on a raffle draw by the numbers on the entrance to the venue. Music was in abundance. There was Vincent Gunaratne of the “CharithaHathak” fame to entertain the gathering who kept the audience laughing. The young popular entertainer Santhush of the “B&S” fame who is a member of the 1996 group was there to entertain the gathering. The invitees were ushered for a sumptuous dinner.

Every invitee was presented with a gift pack and a photograph of the individual as a memento.

Thank you” GENTLMEN” of 1996 Group who remembered their teachers in school.