Annual General Meeting of the RCPTA

The Annual General Meeting will be held on 28th November 2015 of the Royal College Past Teachers’ Association. The meeting will commence at 9.30 a.m/ at the Hotel Janaki, Fife Road, Colombo0 6. A new committee will be appointed at the AGM.
During the year 2014/2015 what achievements the Association has made is given below

We were working on five basic principles.
1) Welfare of the Members.
2) Finances of the Society.
3) Social & Mental satisfaction of the members.
4) Religious facilitation of the members.
5) Social obligations towards the society as Senior Citizens of the country.

Welfare of the members
Towards the welfare of the members we have been continuing the medical programs because we feel over 60 years aged peoples’ concern is the health. Year started with medical camp organized by the Royal College Doctors’ Association. This medical camp has done a lot good to our members and there were instances this camp helped to diagnose the hidden ailments of the members.
We are continuing the medicine dispensing scheme. Any prescription we get is supplied at a discounted price of 30% of the bill value up to Rs. 2000/ and the rest at a discounted price of 10%.
The Association disburse Rs. 10,000/- for members who undergo eye surgery/surgery and request for assistance. In the future, the future committees can improve on these.
For the members who are unable to visit the Pharmacy, medicine is delivered to the doorstep. Rs. 120,000/- is allocated to this purpose annually. But the association bears more than the allotted.
Recently the Association has commenced enrolling the members for the e doctor service which is a new concept. The first year’s membership fee will be beared by the association and already 50 members have been enrolled. The estimated cost of this project will be borne by the association which will be around Rs. 100,000/. Today you can meet the e doctor officials and get yourself enrolled to this service free of charge.

Finances of the Society:-
This year the association embarked on a project to enhance the finances o0f the association. It was a successful project and we were able to achieve a net profit of approximately Rs. 2,400,000/-. With this addition, Fund base of our society has increased to Rs. 5,200,000/- in fixed deposits .All this money is in Fixed Deposits at the National Savings Bank, Kirillpona Branch. Only the interest of these deposits will be utilised for the day to day affairs of the society. Another Rs. 478,156.40 as at 31 October 2015 is lying in the credit of the society which will be utilised when need arises and another sum of Rs.Rs. 508,229.07 in the scholarship fund. From a zero start we have come up to this position over the past decade. All credit should go to all the past and present committees as well as the membership. All future committees must be able to work on this fund base and improve while working towards the benefit of the members. By any standard this is a creditable achievement. Upto 31st October the Financial Statement you have with you shows a Credit Balance of Rs. 6,305,161.26 with us. .

Social & Mental Satisfaction of the Members.
Association feel, peer get togethers will ease off the day today mental strain we undergo. Keeping this in mind there are three trips or get-togethers we organise annually for the members.
We had three tours organized by the association this year.
1) Eight day foreign tour to Turkey was made on the 19 th April 2015. This tour party included about 15 members, their spouses and relations totalling to 27. It was a taste of Europe and Asia and everyone enjoyed the tour. Total cost was beared by the individual participants.

2) One day tour was organised by the association while the total cost was beared by the Old Royalists of United Arab Emirates. This is the fourth year in succession they sponsored the tour. It was a fun filled day tour to Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala. About 170 members participated, which is definitely a record participation. A total cost of Rs. 400,000/ was spent by the old boys on this tour.

3) Three Day tour was to Hambantota, Kataragama, Buttala, Nuwara Eliya. About 90 members participated. Each and every one participated enjoyed every moment of the tour. Cost was nominal but the facilities were excellent. Total cost was beared by the individual participant and no funds from the association were utilised for this purpose.

As members of the committee who have participated saw how the members enjoyed these tours.

Social Obligations towards the Society:-
The committee was of unanimous opinion that as senior citizens and past teachers of Royal College the continuity of the scholarship programme be continued. The association has donated in 2013 six scholarships to six hostellers who have come to Royal College from the year five scholarship examination. This year we were able to increase the total number of scholarships to ten. It is very satisfying to all of us for helping 10 youngsters who can be future useful citizens of the country. About 45 members are continuously contributing towards the success of this project and about nine members are the main sponsors. Monthly a sum of Rs. 40,000/- is spent on this project. A special account is maintained for this purpose. This account has a balance of Rs.508,229.07 at present after paying approximately Rs. 844,000/ as scholarship money from the inception of this project in 2013. The Management of this Fund has to be commended for the efficiency it is managing the total programme and keeping the confidence of the donors for such a long time. Well Done.

We feel we should extend this to more children and other community service projects.
As responsible senior citizens let’s get together to serve ourneedy children in whatever way we can. If there is a will there is a way.

About the executive committees some inner information must be given to you members. They at least meet once every month. And sub committees meet regularly to organise there entrusted projects. Mostly subcommittee meetings are at the residences of the members. If you go through the Income Expenditure statement no refreshment charges, no postage charges no telephone charges, no stationary charges, no printing charges ( New Year Cards, Birthday Cards ). Your committees while getting into greater heights it has saved more than Rs. 250,000/ annually to the association. They have spent these money on behalf of our Association.

Nothing would have been possible without the Principals cooperation. Lets say a Big THANK YOU TO THE Principal.
Last but not least our old boys who have been helping us in various ways. While thanking them let all of us wish all our sons we taught in school and their families a successful future.