Annual Alms Giving of the RCPTA

The annual alms giving of the Royal College Past Teachers’ Association was held on the 14th May 2016 at Vajiraramaya Bambalapitiya. This is held annually to invoke merit on the dear departed members of our association. Since its inception the association lost 59 of its members and also to invoke blessings on the present members and their families.

8 members of the Maha Sanga including the chief priest of Vajiraramaya Ven. Thirikunamalaye Ananda Thero, Ven. Gnanaseeha an old Royalist and Meegoda Pannaloka thero a member of the RCPTA participated in the alms giving.

Members of the RCPTA enthusiastically brought prepared food from their homes and offered the dahawal dane to the priests. Two Ata Pirikaras and Sesu Pirikaras were offered after the dana. In his anusasana Ven. Thirikunamale Anada Thero said this is a meritorious act done by the RCPTA and offered merit on the departed members. Ven. Meegoda Chandaloka thero also said he was very pleased to be invited for this as he is also a member of the association and he did not mind coming all the way from Meegoda for this meritorious act.

The coordinators Mrs. Srimathi Weerasuriya and Mrs. Chandrika Gomas had organized this event in a meticulous manner. We thank them for their effort. They were assisted by the members of the RCPTA. We are very grateful to Mr.Lional Gunasekara, husband of Mrs. Chandrika Gomas for the unstinted support given to us to make this event a complete success. On behalf of the association we say “Obata bohoma pin ayath wewa”.