Special General Meeting – 28th May 2016

RCPTA held a special general meeting on the 28th May as per the agenda given below followed by a workshop on smart phone usage for the members of the RCPTA by the old Royalists of the 1995 group.

1. To pass a resolution on 4 amendments for the constitution.
2. To introduce the new Principal of Royal College to the members of the RCPTA
3. To hand over the cheque for the hostel scholarship fund for the current year to the Principal of Royal College.
4. To accept a cheque from The Netherlands Alumni Association of Lanka as a donation to the hostel scholarship fund.
5. Presentation of the 2016 June edition of the RCPTA news letter to the Principal

This meeting was attended by a large number of members of the RCPTA approx. 150 members. The new Principal spoke on the occasion saying that he was happy to be associated with the RCPTA and will always extend whatever assistance he could to the association. The President RCPTA Capt. Dharmaratne thanked the Principal for gracing the occasion. Mr. K. H. Amaradasa briefed those present about the RCPTA scholarship fund. The Treasurer Mr. H.G.P.Dharmadasa then handed over the cheque for scholarship fund for the current year from the RCPTA to the Principal.

This was followed by a donation of Rs. 100,000.00 from The Netherlands Alumni Association as part payment of a scholarship for a grade six hosteller of Royal College. This scholarship was offered from the money collected at a swimming competition by the students of a Grammar School in Felicinum, Netherlands. The President of the above association Mr. S.P.C.Kumarasinghe handed over the cheque to the President of the RCPTA. We are grateful to Mr. Paranamana for organizing this.

The Principal was presented with the June edition of the RCPTA newsletter by the editor Mr. Heras Fernando.

After a refreshing tea break sponsored by the ’95 group of Royal College a workshop on smartphone usage by the Old Royalists of the 1995 group followed.

Social Media Workshop for Past Teachers’ of Royal College

The members of the ’95 group Royal College held a workshop on smart phone usage for the members of the RCPTA on the 28th of May 2016. A large number of members of the RCPTA attended the workshop.

It was conducted by Mr. Sampath Subasinghe and Jaminda Batuwangala in the presence of Mr. Yasas Dharmaratne the President of the ’95 group. The work shop concentrated mainly on the introduction to facebook. How to create a facebook account, to log in and out and to change the password. They made it known to the members the advantages and disadvantages of logging into facebook. They also advised on how to keep your fb account safe. Commenting, sharing, messaging were also some of the topics discussed.

This was followed by an introduction to Whatsapp. How to download the application, to create a group, sharing photos etc.

The group realized that they could have made the workshop more effective if they were able to take the members in small groups. They promised to do so in the near future.

Well, the group of boys with all their effort realized on that day, what an effort the teachers would have put, to keep them under control in class. Thank you dear boys for that great effort made to introduce modern communication methods to a certain section of senior citizens of this country.

The group did not forget to present each member with an appropriate gift.

After that load of technical Jargon a very welcome sumptuous lunch awaited the members of the RCPTA at the Maharaja Palace on Rajakeeya Mawatha.

The RCPTA thank the ’95 group of Royal College for the magnificent effort put in on behalf of the members of the RCPTA