RCPTA –Annual Bodhi Pooja

A Bodhi Pooja was held at the Bellanwila Raja Maha Viharaya on the 16th of July at 5.00pm to invoke blessings on the members of the RCPTA who are physically weak due to old age and those suffering from acute illnesses and also to bless all the members with good health and long life. About 60 members of the RCPTA were present at the Bodhi Pooja. It was conducted by Ven. Pattiyawala Chandaloka Thero who is also a member of the RCPTA and four other priests from the Bellanwila Temple.

A Gilanpasa Pooja was offered to the Bodhiya with ashtapana, flowers, incense etc. A yellow robe was wrapped round the Bodhi Tree by Mr. L.L.B.Tennakoon. All members were allowed to step on to the Uda Maluwa with the blessings of the priests present. A garland of flowers was also hung on the Bodhi tree. After the Bodhi Pooja Ven. Chandaloka thro along with the other four priests chanted seth pirith to invoke blessings on the members of the RCPTA. Names of the following members were read out to invoke blessings to relieve them of their present ailments.
1. Mrs. Indrani Wimalathissa 11 Mrs. K.S.Kannangara
2 Mrs. Padma Samaraweera 12 Mr. S. Sivalingam
3 Mrs. Wimala Rajapakse 13 Mrs. A.Muthaliff
4 Mrs. Wimala Weerasinghe 14 Mr. V. Vamadevan
5 Mrs. Punya Wickramarachchi 15 Mrs. Yasa Nanayakkara
6 Mr. S. Koralearachchi 16 Mr. N.S.Cooray
7 Mrs. D.M.Haduneththi 17 Mrs. D.R. E.Kalupahana
8 Mr. M.M.Mohammad 18 Mrs. K.V.C.Wijetillake
9 Mrs. D. R. Siriwardana 19 Mrs. L.N. Abeygunawardana
10 Mr. S.A. Sugathadasa 20 Mrs. Kamala Thambiyah