RCPTA –Annual Bodhi Pooja

1. One day outing sponsored by the Old Royalists of the UAE.
This event will take place on the 6th August 2016 at Rivonve Leisure Resort, in Eheliyagoda.
135 members of the RCPTA will be participating in this outing. Mr. Prasanna Wanigasekara the coordinator of the event representing the ORUAE will be present with his family.
Three buses will leave Royal College main gate with the members at 7.00am on the 6th of August
There will be fun games with prizes galore sponsored by the ORUAE. A sumptuous lunch is in the offing for the members.

2. Annual three day local tour
This will take place on the 26th , 27th , and 28th August 2016. Sinharaja, Embilipitiya, Wellawaya, Safari Park Ridiyagama are the places on card for this tour. Members are expected to be present at the Royal College main gate by 5.45 am on the 26th August 2016.
Tour Itinerary will be as follows.
Day 1 : 26th August 2016 (Friday)
6.00 am : Departure from Royal College
7.00 am : Breakfast
8.45 am
to 9.30 am : Tea @ Rock View Hotel Weddagala
10.00 am
To 12.30 pm: Visit Sinharaja forest reserve
1.00pm to
2.00pm : Lunch @ Rock View Hotel Weddagala
5.00pm : Arrive @ Hotel Centuria, Ambilipitiya
8.00pm: Dinner and overnight stay@ hotel

Day 2: 27th August 2016 (Saturday)
7.00am to 7.45am: Breakfast
8.00am: Leave for Wellawaya
10.00am to 11.00am : Worship Buduruwagala Statue
11.30am : Tea @ Army training School – Kudaoya
12.00 noon to 1.00pm : Declare open Buddhist shrine @ Kumara Pawura Kanshta Vidyalaya, Kudaoya
4.00pm to 4.45 pm: Visit Maduwangala Walauwwa – Embilipitiya
5.30pm: Arrive @ Hotel Centuria
Day 3: 28th August 20016 ( Sunday)
7.30am to 8.15 am : Breakfast
8.30am : Leave Hotel
9.30am to12.00noon: Visit Safari Park - Ridiyagama
1.30 pm -2.30pm: Lunch @ Ceylon Sea Hotel- Tangalle
2.45pm: Leave hotel
3.30pm to 4.30pm: Visiting the Blow Hole – Kudawella
5.30pm: Enter Highway from Matara
8.00pm: Arrive @ Royal College