Annual General Meeting of the Royal College Past Teachers’ Association- 27th November 2016

The AGM of the RCPTA was held on 27-11- 2016 at The Riverface Hotel in Koswatta, Nawala. Members of the RCPTA, invited guests totaling up to 175 participated in the event.

The meeting commenced at 9.30 am presided by the President of the RCPTA, Capt. M.N.Dharmatatne. After religious observances a two minute silence was observed in memory of the demised members. The minutes of the AGM of 2015 was proposed and seconded. The audited statement of accounts which was circulated among members by the treasurer was then adopted. The general secretary then presented a summary of the annual report which had been circulated among the members.

Two resolutions were put before the general body. One was presented by Mr. Ranjith Senanayake. He proposed that there are members who have dedicated their time and energy for the betterment of the association for a long time and it is necessary to honour their services by electing them as honorary life members. A special committee was nominated to look into the resolution which was adopted by the general body. Also among his resolution was that to enhance the number of senior members in the committee a special category comprising of five members from the honorary life members should be appointed to the executive committee at the first committee meeting of the newly elected committee. He also put forward another resolution to recognise the CSR coordinator to the level of an Assistant secretary of the executive committee. As these resolutions were adopted the constitution should be amended accordingly.

The other resolution was presented by Mr. H.M.Dayaratne. He proposed that since the community projects so far handled by the RCPTA are complex it is difficult for the CSR coordinator to handle to projects single handed. He proposed that Joint Community Project Coordinators should be appointed. At this point he proposed the name of Mr. Ranjith Senanayake to be the joint project coordinator to already appointed Mrs. P.Paranamana.

The present President, General Secretary and Treasurer were reappointed to the new executive committee according to the constitution.

List of applicants as office bearers to the new executive committee was approved as there was no contest for the posts.

The President’s speech followed next and the vote of thanks was read by Mrs. Manel Munasinghe on behalf of the Assistant Secretary Mrs. Srimathi Weerasuriya as she was indisposed.

The Principal Mr. B.A.Abeyratne, the Secretary RCU, and President of the Royal College Doctors’ Association Dr. Ajith Tennakoon and several representatives of the Old Royalist groups were present at the event.

The members then enjoyed the fellowship and the sumptuous lunch offered by the RCPTA.

We are grateful to the ’86 group of Old Royalists for their part sponsorship of the AGM this year too. The members were presented with the second biannual newsletter, the revised members’ directory, and a token to each member presented by Mrs. Kusum Wickramaratne.