RCDA Medical Camp – February 2017

The Royal College Doctors’ Association conducted its annual teachers’ clinic on Sunday the 19th February 2017 at the Nawarangahala and the Middle School premises. This clinic was conducted for the 18th consecutive time.

In his welcome address the President of the Royal College Doctors Association (RCDA) said he was glad that the RCDA was able to show their gratitude to the teachers who taught them and their sons to be what they are today. He said that they transformed the whole area into a small hospital with all the specialties all under one roof. A presentation of the activities conducted by the RCDA so far for their Alma Mater was then put to the audience.

The new Principal of Royal College Mr. B.A. Abeyratne then spoke. He commended the RCDA for the mega project under taken by the RCDA creating a good healthy generation The President of the RCPTA Capt. M.N.Dharmaratne speaking on the occasion said it was his prime duty to thank all the RCDA members and the energetic committee who have toiled hard to make this event a success.

At the entrance to the Nawarangahala premises the teachers were registered and sent for screening with their personal files where they were attended by a number of doctors who directed them to various clinics after examination. This Medical camp was held for the benefit of the past teachers, their spouses, the present teachers and their spouses and also other Royal College staff members and their families. The success of the clinic was amply shown by the large number of teachers attending the medical camp.

The teachers were sent a Personal Health Declaration Form to be duly filled and brought on that day. We would like to thank the RCDA for this meritorious endeavor and we wish them all success in all their activities and also good health to continue with the good work done so far.