RCPTA – Annual Alms Giving – 27th May 2017

RCPTA held its annual alms giving on the 27th May 2017 at Asokaramaya Temple in Thimbirigasyaya to invoke blessings on the sick members and to bestow merit on the members who are no more. 64 of our dear members including Mrs. Wimala Weerasinghe who passed away this year were remembered along with the family members of the RCPTA members who are no more.

16 members of the Maha Sanga headed by the chief priest of Asokaramaya including our own RCPTA member Rev. Meegoda Chandaloka Thero participated in the dane. The chief priest of Asokaramaya at the panvadeeme ceremony delivered an anusasana in English mentioning the merit each one can gain by collective participation in a dane.

Two Aka Pirikaras and 16 Andinakadas along with very useful torches were offered as pirikara. In addition to these many RCPTA members offered additional pirikaras.

About 70 members of the RCPTA participated in the alms giving. Many members prepared the dane at their homes for the priests as well as for the participants. It was heartening to see the enthusiasm shown by our members during the event.

Special word of thanks should go out to the event coordinator Mrs. Srimathi Weerasuriya assisted by Mrs. Chandrika Gomas, Mrs. L.C.Ranasinghe, Mrs. W. Ramyalatha, Mrs. Chandra Godakumbura, Mr. H.M.Dayaratne, Mr. H.G.P.Dharmadasa and Mrs. Lakshmi Samarasinghe for the meticulous arrangements made to make this meritorious act a success.

May the triple gem bless all the members of the RCPTA, their families and friends.