Multi Religious Ceremony

RCPTA held its annual Multi Religious Ceremony on the 1st April 2017 at 8.30am in the White Board Room of Royal College. It was a well-attended event by the membership.

The theme for the day was Religious Harmony and how to live in society according to religious teaching.

The first speaker was a Swamy Sarvarubanantha Chief Priest of the Ramakrishna Mission in Wellawatta. He said that to live in a society you have to master the technical knowhow, you need to have Shraddha, and a code of conduct and a process. To succeed in religious harmony there are three things to follow. You need to have faith, absence of suspicion of others, and how many people benefit. He said three people can change your personality. They are your mother, religious leader and the teacher. He said just follow them without others telling you what to do.

This was followed by the Christian speech which was delivered by our very own member Mrs. Kusum Wickramaratne. She said after her 18 years at Royal College she had developed an immense respect for the school as it showed how to live in religious harmony. This school has produced five Bishops. She said all people are loved by god equally. You need to have an accurate account of yourself, learn how to look at life, to behold judgement, not to consider yourself superior to others, and learn to develop cross cultural trade and not to run down on other religions.

Mr. Tahalam then spoke on the lines of Islam. He said one must not force the religion on others. In India there are 62 religions and most of them live in harmony. He said during his time in school there was no differences among the students everyone treated each other equally. But things have changed now and we must not be a part of instigating others to bring about religious disharmony

The Buddhist speech was delivered by Prof. Raja de Alwis. He said we all must learn not to cling to worldly things and not find fault in others. He demonstrated using a coconut shell with a hole cut in it that if you get attracted to something you can fall prey to it. Also using his bag which he kept on his head he explained how you must not keep unnecessary burdens on your head and make life uncomfortable for yourself. All this he related to Buddha’s teachings.

This was followed by refreshments to all those present.