One Day Tour of Royal College Past Teachers’ Association – 6th August 2017

The one day tour of the RCPTA Calendar was held on the 6th August 2017. The venue was Malima Club House Uswetakeiyawa. Four buses were arranged to take 170 odd members to the venue. Two old Royalist Doctors were in attendance for an emergency as well as to attend to any ailments of our members.

This would not have been possible if not for the Old Royalists of UAE. A committee member of the ORUAE Mr. Prasanna Wanigasekara and his family along with another ORUAE member Nadeeka made all the arrangements possible to keep our members happy right throughout the day.

At this point we would be failing in our duty if we do not mention that the Navy Commander Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne and his team at the Club House for generously hosting the event at the Club House. The members were given a welcome drink, a sumptuous lunch, and tea during the day.

Royal Lucky Queen was chosen from among the lady members where we put luck before beauty. Mrs. Sumithra Weerasinghe was crowned the Royal Lucky Queen by Mr. Suriarachchi and Mrs Kanthi De Silva and Mrs Nora Jayawardana got selected as the runners up. A 22 carrot necklace was put on the winner by our President Capt. M.N.Dharmaratne. She was sashed by Mrs. Rohini alles. All three of them were presented with beautiful bouquets. The winners were presented with gifts by the ORUAE. Many games were also arranged for the other members as well. There was a game where the members had to introduce a pencil tied with a string at their backs into a bottle with a narrow opening. It was real fun and all three winners were ladies. There was another game where the strength of the arm held horizontally was tested asking them to hold a plastic 1 litre bottle full of water as long as they could. Mr. Sarath Karunaratne was the winner. Musical Chairs was also on the cards. Three winners of each game were given prizes by the ORUAE

This was followed by music and dancing by the members which they all enjoyed. A sumptuous lunch followed.

At the end of the day the ORUAE handed over a cheque for Rs. 200,000 for the Medical Fund of the RCPTA.

Our thanks should go out to the members of the ORUAE and the Navy Commander and his team for an enjoyable day for the RCPTA.

A special word of thanks go out to Capt. Dharmaratne, Ranjith, Daya, Srimathi Shanthi, Ramya, Kalyani, H.G.P.Dharmadasa the only casualty for rallying round to make the event a success

Manel Munasinghe