Sil Campaign organized by the RCPTA – 16th September 2017

The annual Sil campaign was held on Saturday the 16th September 2017 at Vajiraramaya temple in Bambalapitiya. About 50 members and their spouses participated in observing sil as well as attending to those who observed sil.

A priest from Vajiraramaya delivered ata sil at 6.30am. A program was organized for the day with several Buddhist sermons, Dhamma discussions and meditation sessions. The heel Danaya was offered to everyone by Mr. Ranjith Senanayake.

The Bhavana sessions included Samatha, Marananussthi and Sakman Bhavana which was conducted by Ven. Meegoda Sukitha.

The Dahawal Dana was offered by the RCPTA.

A question and answer session was conducted by Ven Vajiraramaye Gnanaseeha thero. The Thera is an old Royalist who in his lay life was known as Mr. Olcott Gunasekara There was another Dhamma discussion conducted by another old Royalist of the ’85 group Prof. Ravindra Koggalage. He is a popular lay Buddhist who conducts Meditation Sessions and Dhamma discussions in Colombo, Matara, Uthuwankanda, in the Internet and The Buddhist TV- Dhammahadaya (English Discussion) on Poya days. He distributed several Dhamma books written by him free of charge to the participants.

Evening Gilanpasa was offered by Mrs. Srimathi Weerasuriya to the participants.

The program ended at 5.00pm after pansil was observed. Merit was offered to all the members of the RCPTA who are no more and to all those who are sick and feeble and everyone else.

Our thanks should go out to the subcommittee headed by Mrs. Chandrika Gomas for a well-organized sil campaign. Special word of thanks should go out to Mr. Lional Gunasekara, husband of Mrs. Chandrika Gomas for all his efforts to make this event a success.