RCPTA – Fund Raiser Stage Drama- Sinhabahu : 22nd October 2017

The Executive committee of the Royal College Past Teachers’ Association decided to augment the medical fund by holding a stage drama. The date was set for 22nd October 2017. Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra’s stage drama Sinhabahu was selected to be staged on this day. The Ex. Co. members and the general membership rallied round in finding sponsorship, Advertisements , donations and selling tickets as the target set was over rupees two million.

At the executive meeting held on the month before the drama the Chairperson of the subcommittee appointed to organize the event announced that we have achieved more than the expected target. The prime objective of the fund raiser was to enhance the medical facilities offered to our members by way of their monthly expenditure on drugs, some assistance for major surgery etc. We are sure our members can expect an enhanced assistance by the association in future.

At this point we will be failing our duty if we do not mention the sponsors, advertisers, donors, and all others who rallied round to make this event a great success. Special mention should be made of the Old Royalists of United Arab Emirates, Royal College Groups of ’85, ’83 ’87 ’89 ’59, Royal College Old Boys of East Coast of America and few other individual Old Royalists.

Well done!! Subcommittee for your hard work