Donation of a Water Purification Plant to Mahawelipura Vidyalaya

RCPTA donated a water purification plant to Mahawelipura Vidyalaya in Sooriyapura police division coming under the Kanthalai Divisional secretariat on the 6th November 2017. Members of the RCPTA generously donated to this project. President Indika de Silva and some members of the '91 group of Old Royalists donated a collection of Rs112500/= from the group towards this worthy project.

The coordinators of this project Mrs. Patricia Paranamana and Mr. Ranjith Senanayake communicated with the Principal of the school to arrange for the donation and they went on a pilot tour to the school on the 1st of October to appraise the situation of the school. They observed in addition to the impure drinking water the students lacked proper toilet facilities. It was decided by the committee to build two toilets for the students as well. It was heartening to note that in addition to the donation by the ’91 group most of our members as well as well-wishers gladly offered assistance to this worthy project.

Armed with most of the school requirements for the students’ members and their spouses numbering up to 44 left Royal College main gate early morning on the 6th of November for the donation. We reached the school around 10.30am in a slight drizzle. Principalof the school Mr. H.M.Navaratne Bandara & the students were all lined up to greet us. After welcoming us we were ushered in to the assembly hall where the ceremony was held. Along with the Principal & students some members of the Police of the area, officers of the Army, secretary of the school development society were also present.

We were informed during the speeches that followed many had promised to install a water purification plant but none materialized. They were very thankful to see the project getting underway within a very short time. The Principal said that this was the most underprivileged school in Sooriyapura. President of RCPTA, former Principal of Royal College also spoke. There were many items presented by the students which were commendable.

We were then taken to the place where Mrs. Paranamana unveiled the plaque of the project. Pure drinking water was offered to the students straight off the tap. Then was the distribution of school requirements to the students of the respective classes. We were glad to see the happy faces.

We were then treated to tea with Kiribath , Halapa etc. .After exchanging greetings we left the school with great satisfaction of having a job well done.