23rd Annual General Meeting of the RCPTA – 18th November 2017

The 23rd. Annual General Meeting of the Royal College Past Teachers’ Association was held on the 18th of November 2017 at 9.30 a.m. at River Face Hotel, Nawala. A welcome snack with a drink was provided for the members.

The meeting commenced with religious observances followed by two-minute silence for the departed members of the RCPTA. The President, Capt. M.N. Dharmarathne chaired the meeting. The items on the agenda were taken up next. After reading of the convening of the meeting, the minutes of the previous annual general meeting was adopted. This was followed by the presentation of the audited statement of accounts by the treasurer.

The President thanked all those who helped him to bring the association up to the status it is today. He made a special mention of the unstinted support given by the committee members in all the activities of the RCPTA.

Mr. B. Suriarachchi who was appointed the Pro tem Chairman then called for the election of office bearers. The President Capt. M.N.Dharmaratne, the General Secretary, Mrs. Ramya Dharmawardana and the Treasurer, Mr.R.H.B Sirisena were reelected unanimously for their respective posts and thereafter proceeded to conduct the meeting.

Mr. Ranjith Senanayaka addressed the gathering about the functioning of the accounts of RCPTA clarifying the benefits received by the members.He also highlighted about the safety of the fixed deposits which have moved upto Rs.5.2 million at Government Banks.

Mrs. N.S.Amarasekara made a speech highlighting the success of the Fund Rasing Project, ‘ Sinhabahu’. She thanked all who supported her in this venture and happily mentioned that RCPTA has been able to raise an amount of Rs.2400,000/- as the profit of the project. Mr. K.H. Amaradasa came to the podium then and read out the names of the members who had contributed immensely to the success of the Association with a great sacrifice . They were awarded with Certificates of Appriciation.

Mrs. Sujatha Dharmasiri made a heart- rending speech bidding goodbye to the mermbers of the Association due to unavoidable circumstances.

A sumptuous lunch which was enjoyed by everyone present, followed. The secretary had made arrangements for lunch time music that added grandeur to the occasion .